Capacity building for teachers

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Building the capacity of teachers is essential to achieving the quality of education and academic experience of our beneficiaries. The key is to provide children with the tools to think for themselves. To do so, we instil a  sense of commitment in teachers and ensure that they have the skills to bring the best out of children while understanding the varied learning methods required to meet the needs of every child. Through extensive regular capacity building, teachers receive trainings on student-centred teaching methodology, social and emotional learning as well as trainings that enable them to make effective use of equipment, teaching aids and technology to ensure that each child gains as much as they can from the learning centre. In addition, teachers undergo subject-specific refresher courses and receive training on subjects that are part of the national curriculum.

Our trainings are appropriate to a wide range of subject specialists. We support professional educators, teachers, tutors and lecturers as well as creative and community practitioners who want to develop reflective practice in a wide range of socio-cultural, institutional or professional contexts. Participants have the opportunity to explore their own role as an artist/educator, while producing a wide range of possible outcomes, from classroom-based research to participatory work. Participants also examine debates about the role of the arts in learning, and learning as art, gaining an understanding of learning across mainstream and alternative settings. Knowing that learning is never a straightforward accumulation of knowledge, our style is oriented towards experimental developments in arts and pedagogy, especially those that propose new ways of thinking. The key rationale in providing the training is to familiarize selected participants with the novel education curriculum, a child centred approach in learning and the creative methodology of teaching. Neem Foundation understands that teachers need to feel confident in the use, facilitation and instruction of materials in the classroom. To improve professional development, we have experience in carrying out capacity building exercises. Having developed a creative education curriculum, our training equips teachers with requisite skills to understand the creative education curriculum which places emphasis on an inclusive approach in learning irrespective of the different abilities of learners.