The Yellow Ribbon/Heroines of peace

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The Yellow Ribbon (YRI) / Heroines of Peace (HoP) programme is an effective and holistic reintegration project which targets women, especially S/GBV survivors, and adolescent boys and girls that were either associated with Boko Haram or C-JTF to address the negative impact of the insurgency and build capacities in a way that promotes sustainable return and reintegration of these populations. The project involves strengthening, building capacity and sensitization of institutions, community leadership stakeholders in empowering women, and the role of women/girls in supporting reintegration and leading peace building in various formats. Furthermore, the project approach involves providing sustainable livelihood support, as well as trauma/mental health and psycho-social support to women, S/GBV survivors, and adolescent girls and boys to ensure that they heal in preparation for their return to their new normal.

The aim of this approach is to improve the limited benefit and participation of women in supporting reintegration and peace building efforts, especially as it concerns children/adolescent girls and boys in their care. Moreover, since women and girls from female and child-headed households often lack the capacity and voice to advocate for their benefit and participation in the recovery process, owing to various socio-economic disadvantages, this approach aims to reduce such vulnerabilities as much as possible.