Mrs. Hurera Atta

Mrs. Hurera Atta is the Assistant Executive Director and Head of Education at Neem Foundation. A devoted advocate of human rights, civil liberties, and education - especially for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds - Mrs. Atta has built a legal and corporate career spanning over 24 years. As a Lawyer, she handled high-profile and controversial human rights cases, representing young at-risk women. In her capacity as General Manager at Allan Woods Limited, she oversaw and spearheaded the development of the educational institution to bridge the gap in the area of professional development for Nigerian professionals.

Mrs. Atta is the immediate past Coordinator of the Counter-Radicalization Programme at the Office of the Nation Security Adviser (ONSA), a position she held for 3 years. In this role, she set up and was instrumental in implementing education, rehabilitation, peace advocacy and community based conflict prevention programmes. Mrs Atta holds an LL.B from University College Wales Aberystwyth (UK) and qualified with a Bachelors of Law (B.L) from the Council of Legal Education (Nigerian Law School) in 1992. She is an experienced researcher, with a focus on counter-radicalization policies and programmes, including education, social and economic inclusion, gender equality, human rights and equitable governance.