Neem Foundation has provided psychological services to over 7,000 clients in Borno State in 2017 alone, through its flagship programme Counselling on Wheels and is currently on track to see 16,000 more clients over the next two years.

Neem Foundation's Child Centre: the first of its kind in Borno State offers therapeutic healing that covers all aspects of a child's developement (physical, motor, emotional, social, language and cognitive), as well as trauma support.

Alongside this, we have also set-up a center for psychology in Borno State. Through this center, we have successfully trained several state and non-state actors in the field of counselling, child-centered therapy and trauma care.


Our content analysis helps to inform and set the tone for our targeted messaging campaigns. As an NGO that houses several experts in the evolving area of PVE, our foundation seeks to capitalise on local expertise in its approach to addressing and understanding extremist narratives.

In a bid to expand the discussion on PVE related issues, we have successfully developed a collaborative partnership with the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) to deliver a weekly advocacy programme called 'Neem Capsule'. The Neem Capsule provides a platform for experts in PVE related issues to discuss and proffer pragmatic and sustainable solutions on the push, pull and contextual drivers of radicalization to violent extremism.


Neem Foundation is currently implementing one of the largest Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programmes by a National NGO, the Yellow Ribbon Initiative, in the North- East of Nigeria. The project has a hollistic approach to rehabilitation and reintegration which covers psychological care, religious engagement, creative engagement, peace through sports, as well as reintegration activities such as economic empowerment, reconciliation, peace building and conflict prevention.

Through our Rehabilitation and Reintegration programmes, we seek to build peaceful, resilient communities comprised of empowered individuals who are productive members of society.


Neem Foundation has partnered with several state and non state actors to guide, support and drive policy initiatives in the field of PVE. We believe that using our research and context specific initiatives to inform policy can assist the development of effective PVE interventions.

Such interventions include our education initiatives that are geared towards child development and promoting peaceful co-existence by raising the standard of teaching and empowering children with logical reasoning and creative thinking skills.