About us

Our story

Neem Foundation is a leading crisis response organisation committed to promoting the protection and wellbeing of populations and communities living in contexts affected by conflict, violence, and fragility.

We strengthen the resilience and capacity of crisis-affected communities acrossNigeria and the Lake Chad Basin region to adopt inclusive approaches to recovery from the effects of instability and mitigate future crises. We achieve these by providing and raising the standards of mental health and psychosocial support for trauma-affected populations. We design and deliver reintegration and stabilisation services that target displaced communities as well as former associates of violent armed groups. Through our communications and advocacy work, we influence narratives and collaborate with credible stakeholders to promote social cohesion, reconciliation, and community action to maintain peace and progress. Our education component advocates for, and improves access to, quality education for marginalised and disadvantaged groups, especially girls, while our research work leverages key partnerships with global research institutions to inform evidence-based approaches to crisis interventions.


Our objectives

At Neem Foundation, we use our unique experience and insights to address gaps in PCVE implementation in Nigeria. We offer support to the worst affected, build resilience within local communities and increase the capacity of key actors to promote and respond to challenges to peace. Neem Foundation’s founding objectives are:

To heal, restore and renew.

A tolerant, resilient and peaceful society.

Achieving global peace through social cohesion and psychological well-being.

Our partners

Kingdom of Netherlands

Royal Norwegian Embassy

Australian Government

European Union

Embassy of the United States of America, Nigeria

British Council

Ministry of Interior

Borno State Government

Presidential Committee on the North-East Initiative

King's College London

United Nations Development Programme

UN Women

United Nations Population Fund

United Nations Children's Fund


Karuna Center for Peacebuilding

Northeast Development Commission

Catena Foundation

Search for Common Ground

Centre for Humanitarian Dialougue

International Alert

National Endowment for Democracy

Nigerian Army Resource Centre

Bulet International

Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria

Shehu Musa Yar'adua Foundation

Women's Alliance for Security Leadership

International Rescue Committee

Youth 4 Youth Nigeria

Chibok Project